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For our clients, we combine profound knowledge of the trade and international focus, resulting in exceptional advantages. We are aware of the trends that shape the job market and know the people who are crucial to your future success. 

We not only bring the right people together: We stay at their side and help them in constantly advancing themselves for sustainable success in a rapidly changing world. That’s what we live by: day by day, all around the globe, and in international teams working on a basis of mutual esteem. Together with our transparent, highly efficient methods to evaluate capability and performance, that adds up to the unique spirit of Steinbach & Partner.

Meeting us, you’ll sense it at once: Talking to us is worth your while, because we seek to introduce new ways of thinking. See for yourself: Get in touch with us and discover how we turn know-how into know-who.


Leaders must learn to take on new roles

"We want leaders we find and place for our clients to bring significant contributions for sustainable development for their companies. That is why leaders today need to prove e.g. resilience and high self-management ability to remain at their optimal physical condition". Dr Peter Becker, Managing Partner of Steinbach & Partner is convinced that the requirements for leadership roles may change through digitalized health management system. Focusing extremely on sport activities and healthy diet are actually not the only way. What a company needs is a healthy organisation with healthy staff members, being in good shape physically and mentally.

Here is an interview with the SPRINGER editor Andrea Amerland with Dr Peter Becker, the author of "Executive Health – Gesundheit als Fuehrungsaufgabe" (in German only)


Steinbach & Partner India supports German customers

India under the new government of Mr. Modi has become more and more interesting for German companies trying to start or expand their business footprint in India. Mr. Ramgopal Rao, Managing Director of Steinbach & Partner India, and his team in Pune and Mumbai actively support German companies to fill management positions in India. During his one week visit in May, Mr. Rao and Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker, Managing Partner Steinbach & Partner Germany and Head of the competence center "Industry" visited the Indian embassy in Berlin as well as German customers to talk about the fast changing market situation in India as well as DOs and DON’Ts in search for excellent leaders in India and abroad. Steinbach & Partner India, with more than 30 years being in the Indian Executive Search market and having placed more than 900 management positions, plays a strategic role in the Steinbach & Partner strategy to deliver outstanding performance in international search mandates.


5 Answers for Your Career

"Nothing is as constant as change." This is also true in the area of personnel management.

Answers to the questions "What makes a good CV" or "How can I get the best attention from recruiters" have changed with globalization, technological progress and the change in values that comes along with them. Against this background, we have asked the managing partners of Steinbach & Partner 5 same questions on this topic. And as you will see, the answers to these seemingly simple questions are by no means definitive.

There is more than one correct answer, and the possibilities of pitfalls and mistakes are immense. In this interview series, we will present what you should look out for in the application process and what mistakes you should avoid.

Read here the interview with
Dr. Peter Becker >>


Executive Search

Our day-to-day business is to achieve high-quality international executive search results that give our clients a competitive edge in dynamic markets. We leverage our strong global presence with top-notch consultants and our extensive knowledge of national, economic, cultural and political issues.

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There are a variety of situations in which you may find it necessary to obtain an overview of the existing and future management abilities and potentials in your company. You may be considering, for example, a strategic reorientation, be involved in a post-merger process, be undertaking a management development program or need support with personnel recruitment.

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Executive Coaching

In a structured but ongoing and personal dialogue, supported by leading methods, you or your employees will receive focused coaching to develop potential, improve relationships, and become a better leader. 

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