Energy & Cleantech

Energy & Cleantech Competence Center

Steinbach & Partner’s Competence Center Energy & Cleantech is built around the key topics

  • Energy
  • Water & Waste
  • Efficient manufacturing solutions

Therewith the center encompasses a bundle of highly dynamic and fast growing technological domains such as Renewables, Smart Grids, E-Mobility, Water Filtration, Recycling Technology and Smart Production. It is specifically tailored to reflect the boundary spanning nature of the technological developments in the Energy and Cleantech sectors and benefits from an intensive S&P internal collaboration, in particular with the Competence Centers Industry and Automotive as well as our international Business Desk for China. Players within the following markets will find the CC to be a competent and knowledgeable partner for their business:

Companies in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, smart grids, power storage, and E-mobility infrastructure. Providers of water supply technology, waste water treatment, filtration & purification, solid waste management, and recycling. Manufacturers with focus on efficient machinery, smart production systems, zero emission factories, and providers of energy and resource efficiency solutions. 

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