Health Care

Health Care Competence Center

The Healthcare Industries Competence Team offers many years of market experience in consulting and recruitment for the following industry segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical technology
  • Biotechnology and related fields

This includes the project-specific selection of targeted, creative search methods as well as special consideration of the best personal and cultural fit in the target environment. Our goal has been achieved only after everything is in place.
Our project experience spans the entire process chain of this industry: Be it searches in small markets or at the international level, or even synchronized filling of several positions within a strategic realignment.

The basis for our success is a continuously updated network encompassing all levels and all relevant segments. In combination with our structured search methodology, we can guarantee efficient and thorough market coverage.

Numerous reference projects for industry-leading companies in quality and innovation are proof that we really know our business. Companies that fully appreciate our trusting, long-term collaboration because we combine professional project management with established communication and processes in a permanent team. Our competence is the sum of our knowledge, commitment and experience.

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Dr. Oliver Geb

Dr. Oliver Geb
Phone +49 69 8700 200 - 11

Noriko Takagi

Noriko Takagi
Region East and South East Asia
Phone: +86 21 6495 9280